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Repairs to Timepieces

We offer a comprehensive service of repairs for watches, which is provided for us by closely associated watchmakers, who have many years of experience in the field.

This service deals with the vast majority of repairs and services, but where it is necessary we deal directly with the major watch brand service centres, in order to ensure the quality of workmanship that we believe the customer needs.

A minimum of six months guarantee is provided to repairs, and where it is possible to do so, this will be extended to twelve months (at the sole discretion of John F.Ford). Regardless of the length of any particular guarantee, it does not cover against faults caused by accidental damage or misuse of an item by a third party or by the purchaser.

If the watch has stopped and is in need of a new battery, we will replace it within a few minutes, although some more complicated watches may take a slightly longer time. Also, if the problem is more serious, we will be able to identify this for you and advise on a course of action. If you require a water resistance guarantee, your watch will be returned directly to the original manufacturer. Indeed, it isn't only batteries that need replacing; we stock a wide array of watch straps of a wide variety of sizes, as well as a range of non-allergy leather straps in an array of various colours and finishes. Additionally, we supply an adjustment service to ensure the comfortable fit of watch bracelets.

For any enquiry regarding watches, please feel free to call us on 020 8643 1173.