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Purchasing Services

Has it ever occurred to you that someone else may treasure the jewellery that you never wear?

At John F.Ford we supply a wide range of antique and modern second-hand jewellery, watches, and silverware. This section of our catalogue is created from people who, maybe like you, wish to sell their jewellery to us. On a daily basis we buy a variety of items, and are well known for offering a fair price. If we offer to purchase a piece of jewellery from you, we pay in cash and by cheque, whilst never pressurising you into selling an item.

If you do decide you want to sell an item(s) to us, simply bring it along to our store in Cheam, and we will normally be able to provide you with an offer to purchase your item within twenty minutes. If you do ultimately decide to accept the offer that we put before you, we will merely need proof of identification; such as a driving licence or passport.

In the eventuality that you wish to either go away and consider the offer or to get further quotes elsewhere, the original offer we gave stands for a period of six months. Therefore, if you do decide to return to us within this prescribed time, you will receive the same amount for your item as was previously agreed upon. It is noteworthy that this policy only applies when the item is in the exact same condition as when the original quote was given.

For any enquiry regarding purchasing, please feel free to call us on 020 8643 1173.