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Engraving Services

For a plethora of different events, from christenings to anniversaries, we can beautifully and exquisitely hand engrave most items.

Whether it is initials or a personal message written by you, engraving can be an ideal way of giving that extra special touch and to show that you really care.

When you come into the shop, just ask a member of staff to advise you on where to place an engraving on the item, as well as to provide you with a choice of texts and sizes to suit every special occasion. If you are purchasing an item over the internet that you would like to get engraved, we recommend that you either email or phone us with what you require if you cannot come into the shop directly.

Please note that until we reply to an email or request we will not be able to guarantee that the item will be engraved, and if you are concerned that you may receive an item without us having engraved it, please contact us immediately. Under no circumstances are we liable for an item to be delivered without being engraved as all responsibility for services and products lies with you as far as designated by law.

For any enquiry regarding engaving services, please feel free to call us on 020 8643 1173.