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Custom-made & Bespoke Jewellery

Far from being a retailer of jewellery made purely by external companies, John F.Ford also has a complete custom-made jewellery service.

Within this sphere, we carefully and thoroughly guide you in the course of manufacture: from the initial design to the finished article. The range and potential for custom designs is open to a large forum of different avenues; including the redesigning of an existing piece of jewellery, or mounting a loose stone you may have purchased on holiday. In many cases, there is a centrally personalised aspect to the process which allows for a highly idiosyncratic item of jewellery which you will be exceptionally satisfied with.

Commissions for custom-made items of jewellery are made by estimate, with no obligation.

For any enquiry regarding custom-made jewellery, please feel free to call us on 020 8643 1173.