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Cookies & Privacy Policy

As standard Internet practice, and as a means by which to keep your details protected, we receive your payments over the Internet by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. As with most internet sites, you will see that you are in a secure environment through the padlock-type symbol in the corner of the window on Microsoft Internet Explorer or the key-type symbol on Netscape Navigator. SSL works with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0 or later, and Netscape Browser versions 2.0 or later. It is crucial to note that if you do not see these symbols then you are not in a secure environment, this may occur if you are using a different Internet operating system to those mentioned above, or by using an inferior version of Internet Explorer/Netscape Browser. Under no circumstances does John F.Ford hold liability for you using our website without security protection.

Please don't try to send orders via email, as we cannot guarantee any secure transmission of details. If you're still worried about security over the Internet, or wish to enquire about of offline transactions, then please contact us by phone.

We are aware of the importance of privacy for our customers, therefore, we are very careful of who has access to information about you. Any of the personal data that we gather from you during the use of this site will be electronically recorded, and used within the remit of the UK Data Protection Act 1998. We will not sell, rent or exchange any information you provide us. Your information is used solely for our sales purposes.

If you do not wish to be contacted in the future about any of our sales or promotions, you have the ability to be removed from our contact list during the checkout procedure. Alternatively, you may request to have your details changed or removed by email. Please note though that this is purely for removal from our contact list, we will continue to keep your details for accounting purposes. If you forget to remove yourself from the contact list, you may well receive promotional mail from John F. Ford, but your details will not be passed on to anyone.

If for any reason you wish to change your details, please click here.

If you wish to REMOVE your details from our contact list, please click here.

In terms of credit and debit card transactions, our third party provider, Protx ( uses the following security measures:

Credit/debitcard details are secured within 128-bit encrypted sessions.

Sensitive information is stored on a heavily encrypted database that is protected by multiple government approved firewalls.

A security key is used to produce an MD5 hash value. Hash values are used as 'digital signatures' since they cannot be reversed to obtain the original information.They allow the receiver to validate that the information received is identical to that sent.

Protx VSP is designed so that MNS doesn't have to hold sensitive information on their site, so even n the unlikely event of any one gaining unauthorised access to their database, it will be useless as they cannot recover credit/debit card details or other sensitive information.

Overall, with the highest levels of encryption, impenetrable firewall security,indecipherable information, the system is extremely safe.


Cookies are small text files stored on your browser when you visit websites (learn more about cookies). You can control how websites use cookies by configuring the privacy settings within your browser (please refer to your browser help function to learn more about cookie controls).

The Cookies used on this site are used to collect information about website activity (Google Analytics) to help us improve the service we offer you and for our content management system.

Note that if you disable cookies entirely, this website may not function properly for you.

Use of personal data

When you are placing an order we will need to know:

Your name, your email address, your delivery address, credit or debit card number and the card's expiry date. This information is used to process your order and is put on our contact list (see Terms and Conditions).

We will also need your telephone number for us to contact you urgently in the event of there being a problem with your order.

We may need to disclose your information to other parties purely for the purposes of processing and fulfilling your order (for example, the Royal Mail), and never for any other reason. These third parties will not forward your information either, but we hold no responsibility for their actions.

We may contact you from time to time about functionality changes to our website, the service that we provide for you, and details of any special offers.